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Interested in the Satechi TR-M for Nikon D90? Click for product spec info.

Yesterday, I received my Satechi TR-M Multi-Function Timer & Remote Control in the mail. I had been putting off making a purchase for a an intervalometer and remote for some time now. Always looking for something better, but never finding it. Well, at the end of August, I decided to bite the bullet and place an order for not the most expensive, and not the cheapest, but the one with the best reviews, the Satechi. I made the purchase on Amazon.com and I’m convinced I made the right product choice.

The product arrived in good condition via the USPS, wrapping intact and the box not crushed or damaged. This is the shipping method used when you opt for the least expensive method. Hey, there is no point in going to Amazon.com, getting the best price, and then blowing the savings on shipping. Don’t get me wrong, FedEx and UPS are great, just too expensive for me.

The first thing I noticed when I opened the box was a pair of AAA batteries. This is unusual for most manufacturers these days and was a pleasant surprise since I just ran out of this type and had not made the trek to Costco to re-supply. Armed with batteries and an instruction sheet, I was ready to shoot.

The instructions were fairly straightforward and easy to read. Although, I would have appreciated a slightly larger print, even with my glasses it was small for me. I experimented with all of the modes on the unit except the “Bulb” mode. I have never played with this function on my camera and thus could not test it on the TR-M until I mastered it on the D90. However, based on the results I achieved with the other modes, I’m confidant that the BU mode will work equally well.

The unit performed well in all tested modes with no delay, except the delay by the camera to set the auto-focus. In a remote control setting that would be expected, using the unit as a sequence timer, you will probably be pre-focused and not have that delay. The instructions suggest to add time to the setting to compensate for focusing.

Another interesting feature is the “hot” button in the center of the unit, even when the unit is powered off and not being used as a timer, this button is ready to shoot as a remote. There is only one thing that I would like to see in future models; at least 12-18 in (30-46 cm) more cord. I personally like to stand away from my tripod when I’m shooting with a remote.

Satechi makes several different units for various manufacturers and models. Amazon.com carries most of them. Clicking on the photo above will direct you to the Nikon version. If have another brand of camera, you can find it from there as well. I definitely rate this product as five out of five stars.

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