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Robert Benson Does it Again

Robert Benson, a San Diego based photographer has done it again. He has taken a simple idea and made it affordable for photographers that have to pay the rent, but like to buy useful gadgets.

Rob has taken some basic components and very cleverly melded them into a DSLR Wireless Monitor. This DSLR wireless monitor takes the video or still photo feed from any DSLR camera or video camera and sends it wirelessly to a seven inch or 10″ portable, battery powered monitor.  Read about it at www.RobertBenson.com/blog. 

While you are at Rob’s website, you have to view his portfolio at www.RobertBenson.com. I find myself returning there often to see who he has photographed lately. Check out his images, business images and tear sheets. You’ll see photos of Gary Sinisi, Tiger Woods and even former Police Chief and now Mayor of San Diego, Jerry Sanders; all great photographs.

When you check out Rob’s Blog, the Radio-Camera Trigger entry is also a must read. You can find it at www.RobertBenson.com/blog/category/radio-camera-trigger.

I was based in San Diego for many years and unfortunately, I have never had the opportunity to meet Rob Benson in person. I hope to correct that in the future when I get back to San Diego.

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