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FDNY-2002-12A lo-res

(San Diego, CA – 2002) Jon Voight and Bruce Lukaszewicz

In 2002, the Fire Department City of New York (FDNY) football team faced off against the Chula Vista Police Department football team in San Diego. At the time, as the Editor and General Manager of 1st Responder News, CA Edition, I chose my best reporter to cover the game,  Me.

While making some photographs on the field sidelines, I ran into Jon Voight, yes that one, who happens to be a huge supporter of the FDNY team. Jon is one of the most down to earth regular people you ever want to meet. I have met quite a few famous people in my lifetime of photography; there are only three that I would have a beer or just go fishing with, Jon is one of the three. Coming from me that is saying a mouthful; I’m always careful about who I go fishing with.

Statistics: Camera: Nikon 8008s, Lens: Sigma, Film: Kodak Gold 400 Print, scanned into my Mac and massaged with Aperture 3 and Nik Software plugins.

What really goes on
 at Da-Le Ranch

Leslie's Geese


My friends Dave and Leslie own and operate Da-Le Ranch in Lake Elsinore, CA. Leslie posts photos of some of the goings-on on Facebook and other social media, and I have a tendency to add my two cents to them.

Joseph E. Allen commissioned Lieutenant Commander


Lt. Commander Joseph E. Allen, USN, with his mentor and friend of 30 years, Captain Richard L. Fassett, USN, Retired.

(SAN DIEGO, CA) – On Friday, June 6th, 2014, LCDR Joseph Edward Allen, a second generation Point Loma High School alumnus (’84) and established local family and sports medicine physician, was formally commissioned in the U.S. Navy Medical Reserve.  He will be assigned to a medical reserve unit detachment based at Naval Hospital San Diego (Balboa).

Attending the swearing-in ceremony at the San Diego Yacht Club was long time mentor and family practice partner Dr. Richard L. Fassett, a retired Navy/Marine Corps Captain, flight surgeon, and former Chief of Otolaryngology (ENT) at Balboa Naval Hospital.  Upon receiving his official commissioning documents, LCDR Allen remarked, “I’ve known Dr. Fassett now for 30 years.  He set the standard of accomplishment for me when I was just out of high school working in the Sharp Cabrillo Hospital emergency room.  He was my ideal role model for a career in medicine, and the reason I became a Senior Aviation Medical Examiner for the FAA.  I’m extremely honored to have him here to perform the ceremony.”

Also in attendance were U.S. Navy recruiter AEC Shana Conjurski, office staff, many close friends, family and business associates.  Dr. Allen continues a family tradition of serving in the military, following his father, Nathaniel Dana Allen (PLHS ’49) who entered the Point Loma Naval Training Center (NTC/Liberty Station) right out of high school, and then toured the Atlantic theater in the Navy, attaining the rank of boatswain’s mate.

[Editor’s Note: The text and photo for this story are from the press release on Dr. Allen’s website; www.PLDOC.com]

Flower Garden

My Flower Garden

My Flower Garden

My flower garden finally took off this year. This photo is from about a month ago. The brutal heat over the last two weeks has not been good to my plants. They are a little cooked now.

RED FOX – Island Beach State Park, NJ

Red Fox - Island Beach State Park, NJ

Red Fox – Island Beach State Park, NJ

I took a drive over to Island Beach State Park back in March of 2014. Upon entry to the park I was greeted by no less than seven fox, at separate moments along the main road. They were just trotting along and I stopped, they stopped, I made some photos, they gave a little howl and then proceeded down the road. That is until I came to the last one.

I stopped in the roadway, (BTW – there was no traffic at all) he stopped and took a seat. I photographed him, he looked around, presumably to check for traffic, then he posed some more.

I was getting cold with the open window, so I shut it, and the fox left. The rangers said he was looking for a hand out.

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