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2015 “Super-Harvest Blood Moon”

September 2015 Super Blood Red Moon

September 2015 Super Blood Red Moon

Every 25 to 30 years, give or take, we are able to see a super blood moon. A super blood moon occurs when the moon reaches its full phase at or near the closest approach to Earth, and appears abnormally large, about 14% larger, and about 30% brighter as a result. This event is pretty special; the last super blood moon eclipse occurred in 1982, and the next won’t take place until 2033. In this particular super moon, three things are happening at the same time.

The moon will be full and at its closest point in its orbit around the Earth, additionally, a lunar eclipse will occur. In other words, the Earth will line up directly with the sun and moon, directly between the two.

The last time I shot the moon, it appeared to be larger than tonight’s sighting, making it easier to manually focus on it. Tonight I attempted to auto focus and that did not work, I did manage to manually focus. However, attempting to focus on an object 238,900 miles away is never easy.

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