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FDNY-2002-12A lo-res

(San Diego, CA – 2002) Jon Voight and Bruce Lukaszewicz

In 2002, the Fire Department City of New York (FDNY) football team faced off against the Chula Vista Police Department football team in San Diego. At the time, as the Editor and General Manager of 1st Responder News, CA Edition, I chose my best reporter to cover the game,  Me.

While making some photographs on the field sidelines, I ran into Jon Voight, yes that one, who happens to be a huge supporter of the FDNY team. Jon is one of the most down to earth regular people you ever want to meet. I have met quite a few famous people in my lifetime of photography; there are only three that I would have a beer or just go fishing with, Jon is one of the three. Coming from me that is saying a mouthful; I’m always careful about who I go fishing with.

Statistics: Camera: Nikon 8008s, Lens: Sigma, Film: Kodak Gold 400 Print, scanned into my Mac and massaged with Aperture 3 and Nik Software plugins.

The Purple Flower

The Purple Flower

So I have this house plant and I have no idea at all to what genus it belongs. Some kind of succulent I suspect. It doesn’t do much, doesn’t require a lot of water like its brethren.

The House Plant

However, once a year, it blooms three small purple flowers. It’s always three, not two or one, but three. They last about two months and then shrivel up and die. And so goes the existence of my house plant.

The photos were taken with my iPhone, massaged in Lightroom 4, and only the purple flower in Nik Software’s HDR Pro 2.

Weekly Diner Stop

Western Omelet, rye toast, home fries, and coffee - fairly standard fare for any diner, and a good test of their overall quality.

During the week I am very good about watching what I eat and try to stay healthy. However, on Sundays I get up early, and head out in the truck to find a diner that I haven’t eaten at before. My favorite test of a diners food is always the same; Western Omelet, home fries (crunchy), rye toast – actually toasted and not that sponge they try to pass off, and last but not least, good fresh hot coffee.

This past Sunday I stopped at a diner on Rt. 37 (no names), and could only give it two stars. Overcooked eggs, and spongy toast. I gave them a try.

The parking lot and my view; I suppose the overcrowded lot should have been a clue.

The photos were made with my Nikon D90, no flash, ISO 400 and a lot of stares as to why was I making a photograph of my breakfast. I explained that it was a religious ritual and everyone just backed away.

I post processed with Nik Software’s Snapseed running on my iMac. Fantastic software, I also have it installed on my iPad and both products are easy to work with and very intuitive. I’m also a big fan of their complete collection of plug-ins for Aperture 3.xx, Lightroom, and Photoshop. More on that topic in the future.

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