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Strategy Meeting

Strategy Meeting

Strategy Meeting

Whenever I decide to spend a few hours just making photographs, I will shoot everything. If it’s in my field of vision, I compose to capture the subject at hand and I also think about  what I can do with the photo in post-processing.

This photo shows of one of my favorite subjects, seagulls. Most of the early photos that I made in my childhood were of seagulls, probably because I was always at the fishing piers or the beach. I burned a lot of film on seagulls. In the early years, it was Kodak film, and a lot of blurred photos. My favorite format, because I could not afford color film, is black and white. I shot so much Plus-X and Tri-X, sometimes I think in black and white.

Stats on this photo: Nikon D90, Nikon 70-300, 70mm, 1/320 at f8.0, ISO 200. Post processing with; Lightroom, Tonality (trailing), and Photoshop Elements 12.

Stanley Dry Plate Photos

Three men, three dogs, one visible shotgun. Going hunting?

I recently discovered a box of old-time glass plate photos in my garage. The box labeled, Stanly Dry Plate Company, has ten exposed 4×5″ plates. I scanned some of the plates on my flat-bed scanner and then inverted and massaged them in Photoshop Elements. The photos were grossly underexposed and I was unable to pull any more detail than what is shown in these images. I have no idea of the identity of the people in the photos.

Woman sitting at her prized possession, a piano.

There was a faded piece of paper glued to the back of the box with a description of the photos. While the writing is in English, it is written in cursive script making most of it difficult to read. There appears to be a few references to places called Campbell’s Dam and Campbell’s Pond.

A quick search on the Internet and I found a likely place in Millburn, New Jersey named Campbell’s Pond Dam.

Description of exposed plates from Stanley Plates

Description of exposed plates from Stanley Plates

According  to the Stanley Museum in Kingsfield Maine, twin brothers F.E and F.O. as they were known, had an interesting life. They started out as teachers, manufactured violins, and then purchased a photo studio in 1875 at age 26. They invented and perfected the dry plate process after ten years of research. They developed other projects and became enamored in a steam engine automobile that they encountered. They sold the dry plate company to investors that eventually made the dry plate company the cornerstone of the newly launched Eastman Kodak Company.

The Stanley brothers went on to fully develop the steam engine and the famous Stanley Steamer Automobile.

Boys on boat

Boys on boat from Stanley Dry Plate collection


The Stanley Company Dry Plate Box Cover

The Stanley Company Dry Plate Box Cover. Note that this box cover is from before the company was sold to Eastman Kodak.


Steam engine at station

Steam engine at station


Unknown group of people doing something I can not identify

Unknown group of people doing something I can not identify

Weekly Diner Stop

Western Omelet, rye toast, home fries, and coffee - fairly standard fare for any diner, and a good test of their overall quality.

During the week I am very good about watching what I eat and try to stay healthy. However, on Sundays I get up early, and head out in the truck to find a diner that I haven’t eaten at before. My favorite test of a diners food is always the same; Western Omelet, home fries (crunchy), rye toast – actually toasted and not that sponge they try to pass off, and last but not least, good fresh hot coffee.

This past Sunday I stopped at a diner on Rt. 37 (no names), and could only give it two stars. Overcooked eggs, and spongy toast. I gave them a try.

The parking lot and my view; I suppose the overcrowded lot should have been a clue.

The photos were made with my Nikon D90, no flash, ISO 400 and a lot of stares as to why was I making a photograph of my breakfast. I explained that it was a religious ritual and everyone just backed away.

I post processed with Nik Software’s Snapseed running on my iMac. Fantastic software, I also have it installed on my iPad and both products are easy to work with and very intuitive. I’m also a big fan of their complete collection of plug-ins for Aperture 3.xx, Lightroom, and Photoshop. More on that topic in the future.

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